Odense beats Donbass with minimal advantage

19.11.2016 23:00

Odense beats Donbass with minimal advantage

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Donetsk players managed to be the first to open the scoring, just like in the first match. Roman Blagyi demonstrated his own skills. At first, he left the defenseman behind and then shooted powerfully from a short distance after the number of feints. The puck ricocheted off the goalie and dropped over the goal line.

A little more than four minutes the score remained 0-1. The hosts renewed parity by efforts of Mitchell and Romano. First of them made the pass from the right side and second beat Tsaregorodtsev in touch – 1-1.

There were no goals in the second period, but we had more than enough of acute moments. Despite the fact that Donetsk players were outnumbered three times during this period, the most acute and dangerous attacks were their though.

However, we can truly name Galansky the hero of the period because he didn’t allow Pobedonostsev to distinguish oneself with the shot from the blue line and then won the affair with Nikiforov.

The hosts managed to shoot ahead on the 44th minute of the meeting for the first time. The defenseman decided to attack playing the majority. The shot wasn’t being powerful but the puck slipped into the net ricocheting off Tony Romano – 2-1.

That goal became crucial for the meeting and winning for Odense - so unfortunately for Donbass.

Odense Bulldogs, Denmark – HC Donbass, Ukraine – 2:1 (1:1, 0:0, 1:0).

Goals: 0:1 Blagyi, 11:44, 1:1 Romano (Mitchell), 15:53, 2:1 Romano (Eskesen), 45:47.

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Турнирные таблицы

  • Команда Счет Команда
  • Донбасс 4:1 Кременчук

  • Команда Счет Команда
  • Донбасс 3:0 МХК Динамо

  • Команда Счет Команда
  • Белый Барс 0:3 Кременчук

Турнирные таблицы

  • Команда И ЗШ ПШ О
  • 1 Донбасс 40 266 67 116
  • 2 Белый Барс 40 199 105 84
  • 3 Кременчук 40 164 120 75
  • 4 МХК Динамо 40 155 168 51
  • 5 Галицкие Львы 40 83 211 25
  • 6 ХК Волки 40 98 294 9

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