National anthem of Ukraine in Denmark – Donbass beats Nottingham

20.11.2016 15:54

National anthem of Ukraine in Denmark – Donbass beats Nottingham

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For the first time in this semi-final at the end of the match between Nottingham and Donbass the national anthem of Ukraine was playing in Denmark. Donetsk players beat the leader of the group – British Nottingham – with the considerable advantage of two goals.

They managed to open the scoring in the second period. Denis Kochetkov and Viktor Zakharov made the resultative attack. First of them made the assist, and the second scored in touch. Shortly after that Martins Jakovlevs could double the advantage. Latvian defenseman of Donbass attacked from the tough angle twice, but at first the puck hit the goalpost and then the back side of the net.

Nevertheless, the away team managed to make the score 2-0 a little bit later. Yegor Yegorov scored at the onset of the final period. However, Donetsk team also allowed a goal in their own net on the 49th minute of the game. Moran interrupted confident play of Tsaregorodtsev.

Donbass scored thirdly when Corey Neilson have decided to risk everything and pull the goaltender for an extra player trying to move the game to the overtime. Oleg Shafarenko was faster than all defense of the opponents and scored the empty-net goal sliding into the goal area himself right after that.

Nottingham Panthers, Great Britain – HC Donbass, Ukraine – 1:3 (0:0, 0:1, 1:2).

Goals: 0:1 Zakharov (Kochetkov), 27:28, 0:2 Yegorov 42:58, 1:2 Moran (Kudroc, Kalus), 48:46, 1:3 Shafarenko, 59:33.

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Турнирные таблицы

  • Команда Счет Команда
  • Донбасс 4:1 Кременчук

  • Команда Счет Команда
  • Донбасс 3:0 МХК Динамо

  • Команда Счет Команда
  • Белый Барс 0:3 Кременчук

Турнирные таблицы

  • Команда И ЗШ ПШ О
  • 1 Донбасс 40 266 67 116
  • 2 Белый Барс 40 199 105 84
  • 3 Кременчук 40 164 120 75
  • 4 МХК Динамо 40 155 168 51
  • 5 Галицкие Львы 40 83 211 25
  • 6 ХК Волки 40 98 294 9

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