Angers beats Donbass, but this defeat can’t be named shameful

18.11.2016 22:13

Angers beats Donbass, but this defeat can’t be named shameful

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Donbass minimally loses to Angers in the first match of the third round of Continental Cup.

From the very beginning of the meeting Donetsk players strived to remind their opponents that they are the sole owners of the Cup in the Group D. And they acted as a real champions. Nominated hosts regularly overtasked the goalie of the opponents and didn’t allow them to take a fresh breath. At the end of the first period the number of shots on target fairly turned into quality. Ramazanov and Bezugly pressed an attack, then Igor Shamanskii scored (1-0) spectacularly ending the episode.

The second period turned out really tense. Angers managed not only to seize the initiative, but also to score twice. In both that goals there is the print of Gaborit, the best Magnus league’s sniper. At first he assisted Lacroix and then Frecon.

The end of the second period was more like the end of the first though. At the last minute of it Donetsk players managed to score their second goal. Aleksandr Pobedonostsev made the fantastic shot from blue line. Goalkeeper Leo Bertein was helpless with captain’s shot (2-2).

Angers was lucky to take the lead for the second time at the onset of the final period. Bezugly stumbled in Donbass zone, and Lessard demonstrating his technique realized a tete-a-tete with Tsaregorodtsev (2-3).

Donbass lost the start of the tournament. Only in score, however. We have no right to say that they were beaten in spirit, amount of the goal scoring positions and character and dedication.

HC "DONBASS" Ukraine – "ANGERS DUCS" France – 2:3 (1:0, 1:2, 0:1).

Goals: 1:0 Shamanskii (Bezugly, Ramazanov), 19:13, 1:1 Lacroix (Gaborit), 30:27, 1:2 Frecon (Gaborit, Bahain), 33:22, 2:2 Pobedonostsev, 39:44, 2-3 Lessard, 42:44.

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Турнирные таблицы

  • Команда Счет Команда
  • Донбасс 4:1 Кременчук

  • Команда Счет Команда
  • Донбасс 3:0 МХК Динамо

  • Команда Счет Команда
  • Белый Барс 0:3 Кременчук

Турнирные таблицы

  • Команда И ЗШ ПШ О
  • 1 Донбасс 40 266 67 116
  • 2 Белый Барс 40 199 105 84
  • 3 Кременчук 40 164 120 75
  • 4 МХК Динамо 40 155 168 51
  • 5 Галицкие Львы 40 83 211 25
  • 6 ХК Волки 40 98 294 9

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